For us, the Roman sea god NEPTN (NEPTUNE) symbolizes the unique feeling on the water when kitesurfing, sailing or surfing.

Aurea Libertas / Golden Freedom.

The feeling of freedom that lives in the current moment, in the now.
Our maritime jewelry is clear & concise & timeless.

Our joint trips unforgettable.

At sea and on land.

Your NEPTN crew


2012: Three guys go kitesurfing together in Rhodes. The Greek North wind Meltemi blows and brings into the head this urge for freedom. How long precious lifetime at home is wasted in endless meetings. That same evening, great plans are made and promise to spend more time by the water and less in the office. None of this will be implemented much later. However, the seed is planted.

2014: A new kitesurfing trip will be the initial spark for NEPTN. This time it's Zanzibar. Inspired by the Maasai decorations with bracelets and ankle straps, it then goes back to Bavaria. The first designs will soon be designed and made and sold in sailing shops on Lake Ammersee. Follow wakeboard systems throughout Bavaria. And finally, the online shop is launched.

2016: The concept of the individually made bracelets in our small workshop is gaining momentum and further workshops will open in Holland, USA & Russia under the guidance of our founder Wolf. All led by like-minded people and under the same concept of individual small production.

2019: First encounter with Ross & Dar on the Drumbeat - his sailing yacht. We immediately fall in love with the beautiful Pirate Beauty. You can find a video of this on our YouTube channel.

2021: Home: All trips since the founding of NEPTN have repeatedly brought us back to Marsala (the 'Port of God'). Here the north wind is called Tramontana and here is where is, now, our headquarters. Directly on the largest and beautiful saltwater lagoon Stagnone. Here we develop new designs, plan our kite trips and coordinate purchasing for the individual workshops. Most of our photos and videos are also taken here. Our models are all friends from the Kiteclub Marsala who are enthusiastic kitesurfers/or Kitesurfing instructors.
However, the production of your bracelets for The US market is in Miami Beach, FL

And one more thing: In the summer of 2021, we became the owner of Drumbeat. This is ready in the Caribbean for the adventures of the coming winters.

2022: Future... we would like to give you the opportunity to experience the best of our trips for yourself. Either on your own or organized with our kite team. For this purpose, we have set up the new section 'Adventure' (coming soon). We are not a travel agency, which is why we only mediate here. Trips on drumbeat will of course take place with us as organizers.

Winter 2021/22 is already reserved for the entire NEPTN crew. Only in March will we raffle 2 seats to our customers.

You can then book places for the winter of winter 2022/23. But first it's best to follow us on IG @neptnbrand so that you can see what happens on drumbeat from January...



We love the sea

Our name and brand therefore has a strong connection to water sports.
We try to spend a as much as time possible on the water and in nature.
It is obvious that topics such as sustainability are very important to us.

Sustainability & Responsibility:
Product life cycle: Our products all have a long service life.

The materials we use are in strong contrast to the fast fashion industry.

We are strongly against disposable society and therefore do not follow the latest street styles or fashion trends that now change every two weeks.

Our designs are timeless and robust. We offer a repair service for all our NEPTN parts so that you can enjoy it for a long time.
By the way, we don't think it's okay if buyers briefly order 5 or more pieces to choose from, then keep one of them and return the rest. We produce to order and returns are waste of time and material.

Let's talk about plastic!

We all know how harmful plastic is to marine organisms and ultimately also to us humans. Some of our products also contain synthetic materials (our ropes).

And this is how we deal with it:

We call it a project ?/p>

For any synthetic material we use for our products, we get 1000 times the weight of plastic waste from one of the oceans or Rivers. For this purpose, we support the Ocean Cleanup project.

Plastic walks:

But we also like to get our hands dirty and organize 'plastic walks' or 'beach cleanups' at the various locations.
IG @neptnprotectsoceans

Our leather:

From animal to tannery:

We buy our leather exclusively in tanneries in Italy, France or Germany. All leather we use are by-products of food production.

The tanneries from which we obtain are all members of the Leather Working Group LWG.

This organization monitors and examines the tanning process and the subsequent water purification.

This prevents harmful wastewater, which is generated in particular with chromium tanning, from entering the environment.

If possible, however, we prefer vegetable tanned leather.

Another interesting aspect is the fact that the premium tanneries where we prefer to buy their hides mainly from small farmers based in the Alps, as they are located on the high altitudes and affected by less insects and whose hides therefore have less injuries.

We are not into mass production, which is better for the animals and the environment.

As a small company our positive effect will not be very great either. Nevertheless, the oceans are made of many small drops :)

If you have managed to read this far, you are probably one of us.




life time guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty on all glued parts. So if a closure detaches from the leather or rope, you can have it repaired by us free of charge.

We wish you a long time joy with your NEPTN piece and thank you for your purchase :-)

Simply send us an email with the picture of broken piece to and we will guide you trough the process.


There are a variety of manufacturers that use symbols such as anchors, fishing hooks or other maritime symbols.
We always wonder how authentic the respective brands are and whether there is a real connection to the sea.
But everyone should form their own opinion on this ;-)

Please be selective of what you adorn yourself with. Jewelry is an expression of your personality.

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