ocean clean up day

Sunday funday - cleaning day :)

August 17, 2020

We received a lot of questions from our customers over these almost 5 years if we are involved in any type of preserving nature/ocean life.

Our team just never thought that we should talk about our ocean clean up work, until we realized how many people wanted to know if that is part of what we do.

NEPTN was always trying to spread awareness about recycling trough every email response, by using paper biodegradable envelopes, carton boxes and cotton pouches ... One thing we never did, and that's showing our work on Ocean cleaning as part of our advertising.

That was something that our team was doing as individuals even before they started working with NEPTN and now we are doing it as a team :)

Clean Miami Beach non-profit organisation is the team of people that we gladly join whenever we have a chance to clean up the beaches and coast line. At times, if we can't make it, we just do it on some other day. 

If you want to join us sometimes, meet our team, every extra pair of hands counts :) 

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